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Difference Between Seiko Prospex And The Grand Seiko Brand Of Watches

Out of the various brands available in the market, it gets difficult to choose a particular brand for yourself. Moreover, where you have two different brands from the same company, instances are another level of difficulty for you to choose from. However, some slight differences appear in making a close analysis. This article intends to tell the differences between such similar brands, namely seiko prospex and Grand Seiko.

The main point of difference

The differences that are quite evident may be enlisted as follows:

  • Regarding craftsmanship, while one relies on a hand polished and detailed process of manufacture, the other one opts for machine services.
  • The material also differs to some extent in quality. Both use stainless steel, but the quality differs.
  • Price is the major factor; both are on two different ends of the price lines. One is quite affordable while the other is quite expensive.

Sum up:

to conclude, it is not only the brand name that rules the market. People recognize it as a popular brand because of the features that it has to offer. Hence, both are good in their ways given the price they are available at.

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