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Style with comfort and elegance with the silk slips

Silks were once considered royalty and only royal peoples used to wear dresses made up of silk and satin. They were quite expensive as their extraction and production methods were hard and time taking. Hence, only the rich were able to afford them. Even now, they are expensive but they are still cheaper than before and are now very common among people. There are many clothing pieces prepared for men and women in the market, however, there are more women items than men. Several silk clothes are used as outer clothes whereas some of the clothing items can be worn inside other clothing as well. There are several inner garments such as silk slips, lingerie, etc that are in demand in the market at present.

Different silk used to create clothes

There are four major varieties of silks that are used to make clothes. These are mulberry silk, eri silk, Muga silk, and tasar silk. These silks are not present in all the countries. Hence, there is a limited production of this silk throughout the world and the clothes. The production of these silk requires a lot of resources and time because of which they are higher in cost than other materials with which clothes are made.

Reasons to wear silks

  • Silk clothes are highly demanded by the women in the market as they are the softest material for skin and are very comfortable. There are several other reasons why they should be worn as innerwear which are as follows:
  • These silk slips prevent the clothes from getting scrunched up. Many times when a sweater or any other woolen cloth is worn these clothes get stuck to the skin and get scrunched up whenever the person sits or walks. To avoid these slips are worn. This acts as a soft layer that protects the skin from getting irritated due to the rubbing of the wool against the skin and also allows the cloth to flare out without sticking to the skin.
  • Several clothing items can not be washed again and again otherwise their quality is degraded. In such cases, it is better to wear a slip as these are very soft against the skin and absorb the sweat and body odor and the dress is not affected. Hence, there will be no need for washing the dress after one wear.
  • There are various types of slips available in the market. These can be worn inside a partially sheer dress. This is a better option as it gives a good fitting to the bodice and an overall look to the dress as well.
  • Silk is very soft on the skin and it does not cause any irritation and therefore, they are preferred by people more. The longer silk slips can be worn as nightwear as well. There are silk pajama sets that are very comfortable and can be worn every day.

Life is too short to wear regular clothes every day. Therefore, change the regular style a little with some silk garments.

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