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The best coffee makers that you can have at your home

Everyday 2.25 billion cups of coffee are being consumed around the world. You cannot imagine those coffee shops that are making coffee everyday.  Most people cannot afford to buy expensive coffee every single day which is why they are making their own at home. That is also the reason there are coffee makers that produce every year around the world.

 It is advisable to buy coffee makers when you love to drink them every morning before you head out to work or school. You will be amazed at how these coffee machines can produce a great quality of coffee like in the coffee shop. When you buy a coffee machine you can save a huge amount of money rather than buying them at coffee shops. You can still buy your favorite coffee in a coffee shop but having a coffee machine is a great investment.

The different types of coffee makers

  • Pressure coffee brewers

Manual espresso maker

For espresso coffee, you have to use an excellent coffee and close the coffee grinds firmly. Once you start brewing the coffee it will only take one to two minutes. The end result of it is rich and strong. The quantity of every coffee you make is less than a cup of coffee except when you make it a double or triple.

Automated espresso maker

The automated espresso maker has a push button that is easy to use when you have a coffee grinder in it. When you want to make everything easier you can have an automatic espresso machine. This is not used by many but when you like the result and how convenient it is you can have it. But this type of machine is somewhat expensive.


The AeroPress is using hot water and fine coffee grounds. To produce a good quality of espresso you have to exert lots of pressure to make it. This looks like a huge hand pump while it is easy to use you might find it hard to clean after you use it.

  • Filtration Coffee Makers

Auto drip brewer

The auto-drip brewer is the most sold coffee maker around the world. As they are affordable and easy to use which do everything you want. These are large coffee makers but you can have small coffee makers that can only have one cup capacity. While the large can have 12 cup brewing capacity. Using this coffee maker is simple. You have to add hot water through coffee grinds and it can make coffee. It heats the water and it pumps to reach above the grinds. The hot plate that the pot sits on will keep the coffee hot.


It is the easiest single-serve capsule that you can have at home. It has a plastic container that has tin foil on top. While you put it in the coffee maker it pierces it from bottom to top where the hot water flows.

Tassimo Disc machine

It is a non-K-cup single-serve coffee maker. It has a disc that has a barcode that tells the machine how much hot water it needs to use to have a good result for coffee. You can make coffee using this machine within a minute.


The nespresso machine with milk frother can produce a coffee foam but the flavor of the coffee is not quite strong. This is ideal for people that don’t want to drink strong coffee.

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